Bognor Regis Camera Club: a very active and friendly club, welcoming photographers of all levels of experience.  The club’s calendar includes talks from visiting speakers, competition evenings, workshops and social events
Royal Photographic Society: founded in 1853, one of the world’s most respected bodies of photographic expertise
Independent Photographers of the South East: IPSE is a loose organisation of independently-minded photographers who share a passion for photography, but who prefer to ‘plough their own furrow’. IPSE acts as a support group for its members, providing talks, residential weekends, regular meetings and periodic exhibitions – all within an atmosphere of encouragement and non-competitiveness

Photographers and Galleries

Beetles and Huxley: a London gallery specialising in photography; an excellent place to see exhibitions of some of the truly great names in photography
Somerset House: one of my favourite galleries in London, almost always showing at least one photography exhibition
Musée suisse de l’appareil photographique: a superb photographic museum in the Grande Place of Vevey, on the banks of Lake Geneva
Michael Reichmann: Canadian photographer Michael Reichmann runs a huge site, the “Luminous Landscape”  with hundreds of articles, reviews and tutorials.  It is updated with new material on an almost daily basis
Michael Kenna: one of the world’s leading landscape photographers
Lee Miller: an extraordinary woman whose many claims to fame include being a top fashion model for Vogue, a surrealist photographer, the co-inventor of solarisation and one of the most important photographers during the latter parts of the second World War.
Jan Dunning: a wonderful artist who uses a pinhole camera to record her imaginative constructions of visions and landscapes
Bence Máté:  taking 21st century wildlife photography to new levels
Polina Plotnikova: Polina’s website shows her masterful flower and still life compositions
Vanda Ralevska: some excellent landscape and seascape images from Arena group photographer, Vanda Ralevska
Andrew Hasson: one of the UK’s top freelance press photographers and a great tutor on natural light portraiture
Ruud van Empel: a former theatrical set designer, Ruud van Empel creates exquisite photocollages from hundreds of individually photographed elements
Vivian Maier: the extraordinary nanny who took over 100,000 images, leaving all of them unseen in cardboard boxes in a storage locker.
Sam Faulkner: a UK portrait photographer whose most recent work, “Unseen Waterloo” was recently exhibited at Somerset House.
Martin Parr: one of my favourite British photographers, specialising in humorous – but deeply insightful – studies of the English class system.  Parr is also the world’s leading authority on the Photobook and has a huge personal collection of 12,000 volumes
Tracey McEachran: a UK-based artist who skillfully creates still life sets to express her ideas as photographic images
Alec Soth: one of the USA’s leading contemporary photographers, specialising in large format photographic essays based on journeys around America
Jane Bown: one of the 20th centuries greatest portrait photographers.  In 1949, Bown’s first commission for her new employer, the Observer newspaper, was Bertrand Russel. Since then she photographed nearly all the great and the good, from Mick Jagger to the Queen on her 80th birthday.
Tim Rudman: a superb landscape photographer and one of the world’s leading photographic printers
Ken Scott: an inspirational photographer and teacher; I cannot recommend Ken’s workshop, The Joy of Seeing, highly enough.

Bill Brooks’ Flickr page: some more of my images

Traditional Printing, Processes and Dealers

David Chow: David Chow was one of the great masters of the platinum printing process.  He was also a patient and generous teacher who shared his knowledge generously with other print workers.  Sadly, in December 2014, he passed away at the age of just 38.  His blog site shows examples of his superlative work
Michael Schaaf: a great fine art photographer, tutor and wet plate collodion expert
Mike Ware: the world expert on the science behind many historic printing processes
Alternative Photography: a comprehensive site for all alternative process information
London Print Studio: an artist-run, not-for-profit artists studio, workspace, publisher and gallery based in West London
Badger Press: an open access studio in Bishop’s Waltham (Hampshire, UK), providing studio hire and training in all aspects of printmaking
London Stereoscopic Company: Brian May’s home page and gateway to a great resource on all matters relating to stereophotography
Photo Preim: Germany’s oldest photographic dealer, based in Aachen. Preim are 130 years old and still offer the professional service one expects from a family business.  Their prices, however, are much lower than the dealers in the UK, typically euros for pounds.

Reference Material & Critique

Getty Virtual Library: a great source for reference material on almost every aspect of the arts, including an excellent section on photography
Francis Hodgson: Francis’ blog offers thoughtful criticism on the photographic medium

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